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Looking to receive a gift that keeps on giving? Consider making AYUDA a part of your special event. Create a Special Event page for your birthday party, wedding or other special event. Its a great way to make your event even more meaningful! To create a Special Event Page, click here. To see some sample pages of events or to get ideas for your events, please see the examples.

Please note - when you are creating a special event page - you will be asked to either select a personal, honorary or memorial page.  Any of these  types of pages can be selected for your event - depending on if your event is for yourself or someone else.  If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us at


  • Birthday pages: Celebrate your birthday and support AYUDA at the same time. Instead of a traditional gift, ask your guests to consider a donation to AYUDA. Or create an AYUDA- themed party.
  • Bar/Bat-Mitzvah pages: Show your friends and family a way that you can make a meaningful impact. Here is a page that a supporter created in 2011.
  • Wedding pages: Give your friends and family an opportunity to support a cause that is meaningful to you. Or consider giving a donation to AYUDA on behalf of your guests in lieu of wedding favors.

 Get started now and make AYUDA a part of your special event.

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